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Why Use an Osteopath?

In the way many people recognise the benefits of visiting their dentist for a regular check up, a growing number of us are now realising the importance of maintaining a healthy spine.

Osteopaths are generally known for treating the common ‘bad back’ but their scope is far greater, treating a wide range of disabling problems which may affect the back, but also the joints and muscles in the rest of the body.

Osteopaths make a diagnosis after taking into account general health, medical history and a thorough physical examination. Treatment includes gentle, precise adjustments of the joints of the spine, pelvis and limbs.

The aim of the treatment is to restore normal posture, joint movement and alignment, allowing the body to then heal itself naturally. Pain relief and a return to optimal functionality are often associated with this process.

Osteopathy is the first complementary therapy to have undergone statutory regulation by Parliament, giving Osteopaths the same status as doctors and dentists, and guaranteeing the same level of professional treatment, protection and confidentiality.

What Can Be Treated?

Cheshire Osteopaths are often consulted about many of the following problems:

Note; This list is not exhaustive so please contact us for advice if you are not sure if your particular problem may be helped by a visit to one our trained Osteopaths.

What Happens when you Visit an Osteopath?

Your initial consultation and treatment will last for approximately 45 minutes.

Subsequent treatments normally last 30 minutes.

You will be seen by a fully qualified registered Osteopath.

Before any treatment you will be asked some questions about yourself and your doctor’s name & address. We will also seek to establish your medical history, including any allergies, operations and illnesses, what medication ( if any ) you are currently prescribed and any changes in your general health. We also need to know if you are taking non-prescription medication such as daily aspirin. This information helps the Ospeopath make a diagnosis and provide a suitable treatment plan for your individual needs.

If you are either a young patient or extremely nervous then you may have someone accompany you during your treatment

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing as you will be asked to undress to your underwear. The reason for this is because it is very important that the Osteopath sees not only the area that is causing pain, but other areas which may relate to the cause of the condition.

You may be asked to perform some simple movements for the Osteopath in order for us to better understand and assess your situation. The Osteopath may also, if he / she feels it necessary, carry out other tests such as blood pressure, reflexes, joint mobility and muscle strength. Further examination will normally be conducted whilst you lie on the examination couch.

You can, at any time, ask the Osteopath to stop treatment and explain anything about your treatment, condition, or comments made by your Osteopath during your appointment.

The Osteopath will make a diagnosis, which will be fully discussed with you. Following this, treatment is normally given as required. If the Osteopath does not think you would benefit from osteopathic treatment they will explain the reasons to you. After treatment, advice may be given to support the treatment and help you to be more comfortable.

At this stage the Osteopath will also advise you as the likely length of treatments required and, if possible, a prognosis for your condition.

In most cases, the treatment is followed with advice to help prevent a recurrence of the trouble and specific exercises are recommended where appropriate.

Sports Injuries

Martin Davies Osteopath

Treatment for Sports Injuries.

As well as professional diagnosis and treatment of injuries, we will be able to assess your strength and flexibility and give advice about specific exercises that will assist recovery.

Martin Davies is a member of O.S.C.A.

Local premiership football teams, several professional rugby league clubs, professional golfers and cyclists have consulted him.

Golf Health Clinic.

Martin Davies Osteopath

Since 1985 the registered Osteopaths at Martin K Davies & Associates have been using recognised techniques to help relieve pain and stiffness and return both professional and amateur golfers to full fitness. PGA Golf Health

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