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John Toms

Martin is not only dedicated to pain relief his understanding of the need for sports people to continue doing sport is very welcomed. 31 January at 22:18

Norman James Cheshire

I have been a patient in this practice for almost 20 years on and off. Each time I have had a problem with my back the problem has been rapidly assessed and rectified. I have been given exercises to help reduce the need for treatment. These exercises are simple and have worked. I am very grateful for the relief from pain Martin has given me and would recommend him most highly.1 · 4 January at 09:37

Jayne Coles

Have been to see Martin on & off over the years for back pain. I have found him to be very professional, understanding & helpful. I would highly recommend him for any Osteo treatment.


Nigel Stanway

Thank you MKD osteopaths for helping with my ankle ligament damage, expert and professional care. Running and hiking again happily, thanks Martin. 5 December 2012

Chris Welch

Have been treated very successfully for a “leaking disc” in my lower back, also for knee and achilles problems. With follow up appointments and perseverance with the exercises given I have noticed a massive improvement in my movement and I am virtually pain free now!!


Carol Arm-riding

I have no hesitation in recommending this practice. The treatment I have received after a neck injury some years ago has given much relief to my discomfort, and kept my neck problem under control.


Eric Davies

For years I had been troubled by low back pain, which left me unable to enjoy life to the full. After a short course of treatment I began to feel more flexible and my pain started to diminish. I followed the carefully constructed set of exercises I had been given and now, 6 months later, I am completely pain free. My life has been returned to me and I’m even back on the golf course! I would recommend this surgery for their professional caring approach and reasonable consultation fees.


“Some years ago I injured my lower back and was in agony. My doctor told me to go to bed for three weeks but it was sheer hell to lie there in pain while my 14 year old son tried to run my mail-order business to keep money coming in. Even going to the toilet was a major ordeal. The pain killing tablets had no effect other than to give me stomache ache and eventually, in desperation, I drove myself to the Osteopathic Surgery.

Martin Davies was able to diagnose what had happened in my back and began treatment immediately. The weekly manipulation and massage combined with exercises led to complete pain relief after just a few weeks. In fact within just three days the pain was already bearable. Six years later, I still go to the surgery every few months for a routine check up and manipulation and my back has never been better.

Not only that but, thanks to Martin Davies’ advice on health, my weight is coming down and my blood pressure is just 120/80 – not bad for a 54 year old?”

M T Pickering, Sandbach, October 2005.